Witchcraft and Wizardry – by CluedUpp – Bournemouth

For a bit of a change, we teamed up with our friends to have a go at CluedUpp’s latest geogaming adventure – Witchcraft and Wizardry. These are available to play in towns and cities across the UK and beyond but only on specific event days.

One member of the team is set up as team leader whilst the others can all still follow and interact on their own phones.

Having been given the secret location, we made our way to the start point. The first task was to select a team name, take a photo and watch the introductory video. The town was bustling with groups in fantastic fancy dress, all trying to figure out the clues and solve the mystery.

Following the intriguing map, you interact with virtual characters who give witness statements to help you eliminate suspects. There are also other mysterious items to collect and help you on your way.

The concept of the game is great – moving through your hometown on an exciting hunt and trying to gather as much information as possible. The riddles and anagrams were fun to solve as a team but the most enjoyable clues were the ones that incorporated the local landmarks and knowledge. The graphics on the app are excellent with engaging theming and interesting characters.

Unfortunately, we did find that the story was overcomplicated. Each statement or piece of information you collect on the way is very long and it’s difficult to pick out the relevant information, especially whilst trying not to block the busy pavements. We felt the large amounts of reading took away from the pace, engagement and fun. We also had children with us which meant it was difficult to concentrate fully, showing it wasn’t really the light mystery hunt we had expected.

This is perfect for a small group of adults who are happy to do a lot of reading but wasn’t for us, sadly. We feel it would be much more enjoyable to be given a clear, concise clue after solving each riddle or puzzle which would help towards the final solution. Live actors and more location-specific clues would make it even better.