As escape room enthusiasts based in Bournemouth, England, we take any opportunity we can to have a go at live escape rooms as well as boxed escape games.

Our slightly geeky obsession started just over a year ago when we both completed our first escape room, separately with friends. We both left buzzing with excitement and finding ourselves thinking about the games we had just played over and over again. We had always loved board games and puzzles which involved variety, a bit of extra thinking and an immersive story so when the escape room phenomenon was born, we were always going to become hooked. From our first escape experience, we knew that a new- yet expensive- hobby had been found!

Our love of escape rooms was topped when, with the help of fantastic owners and gamemasters, a unique and exciting marriage proposal was planned in Bournemouth’s top escape room – Marvo Mysteries. The ring and the question were so cleverly integrated into the Marvo storyline and it definitely created the surprise and emotions that were intended. The answer was yes and we were engaged! So the next question – how can we show the love of escape rooms in our special day?