Jacobe Castle online escape room by Castle Crusaders

We were beyond excited to be invited to try out Jacobe Castle by Castle Crusaders – and we must say, we loved every minute!

As fans of Crystal Maze, we throughly enjoyed working our way through a range of puzzles split into four distinct sections. There was something for every member of our team from memory and intellectual puzzles to more physical tasks. With a total of 16 challenges, we loved taking it in turns to earn a letter for our team’s final puzzle and it definitely pushed us out of our comfort zones in a fun and entertaining way.

To add an extra bit of humour and atmosphere to the evening, Jackson Jacobe was a brilliant host and kept us engaged and laughing the whole evening!

Without a doubt, this is the most fun we have had doing any kind of online adventure or escape game. We can’t recommend it highly enough and will be looking to complete their second experience, Cardeby Keep, as soon as we can!

Players: 2-6 recommended. We had a team of 4 which was perfect for 1 game each per section.


£40 1-4 players

£70 (5-8 Players)


£55 (1-4players)

£80 (5-8 players)


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