Escape the Vault – Brighton

We were chuffed to be invited to play Escape the Vault in Brighton so jumped at the chance to give it a go.

This intriguing escape room is hidden inside an old bank vault in Brighton and players are tasked with breaking into it and stealing the codes for the account of world renowned arms dealer, Charles Fawkley.

This is a solid, back to basics classic escape room, filled with hidden codes, safes and padlocks. What makes it different from most escape rooms is that it is one of only 4 unmanned escape rooms in the UK. Don’t worry though – you have your man on the outside, Terrance the getaway driver, on hand to assist if needed. All you need to do is send a quick message for a hint or a hack and you’re helped on your way.

The escape room itself is a shorter 40 minute experience (which is reflected in the price) and has about a 70% success rate. We didn’t find it particularly difficult but it flowed extremely well and logic could be applied throughout. This makes it a great room for beginners or for anyone who wants an affordable and enjoyable activity on a free afternoon.

The room is found inside an amazing, quirky café – Presuming Ed’s Coffee House – which completely adds to the experience. It is decked out with interesting posters, art, installations and furniture which captures your imagination from the moment you set foot inside. Whilst there, we enjoyed the most delicious toasted baguettes and drinks – highly recommended.

As well as all this, they also have arcade games, art for sale and even a VR room upstairs which we enjoyed having a go at! They are also in the process of creating their new room – Escape the Cell – which should be ready very soon. Without giving too much away, it continues the story with what has happened after the vault robbery. We were lucky enough to have a sneak peak!

Overall, we had a great afternoon experiencing all that Presuming Ed’s has to offer. If you are ever in the Brighton area, be sure to visit! Book now at

Escape room number: #40
Completed: August 2020
Team: 2 adults
Escaped?: yes
Time: 18 mins 50 secs

Game stats:
Allocated game time: 40 mins
Players: 1-4
Success rate: 70%
Best time: 7 minutes

Cost: £12.50 each (with £1 of each sale going to charity!)

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