The Polar Station – Exit Game by Kosmos

Just a short review this time as we have reviewed many of the Exit Games in the past.

This one – The Polar Station – we picked up whilst on our recent camping trip and absolutely loved it! Unlike some of the other Exit Games, this one is not necessarily linear. Rather than following the riddle cards from A -> Z, different combinations are needed for each clue and it isn’t always obvious which ones go together. A more rounded and logical approach is needed.

As always, we needed to use some of the hint cards to help us along the way but managed to solve it in 77minutes and 31 seconds. With 3 help cards, this gave us 6 stars out of 10.

Another great game in the Exit range.

Game information:
Players: 1-4
Age: 10+
Difficulty rating: 3/5
Length: 1- 2 hrs
Approximate Price: £11-£15

Our ratings:
Overall: 7/10
Difficulty: 7/10
Puzzle range: 7/10
Logic and flow: 8/10

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