Endgame – virtual escape room by @russbuilds

What a fantastic game – and all for free!

This Cold War themed game, which involved using a range of puzzles provided on an encrypted pdf alongside a virtual avatar, was clever in its simplicity. Connected using Zoom, we were presented with a series of padlocks (including digit codes, letter codes and symbol locks) securing hidden objects as well as a mysterious chess board with missing pieces. We had the puzzle pdf ready on our tablets and devices and off we went.

The puzzles themselves required us to really think outside the box, use our decoding skills and really look closely at the detail in the documents given.

As a team, we found that the clues which required more logic we were ok at and it was actually the more simple or obvious clues that we totally missed. It certainly made us realise that we need to work on our powers of observation!

A scoring system is used, linked to the time taken to complete the challenge and the amount of hints that were needed. Overall, we managed to score 9.5 points, putting us in second place (at the time of this review). If you fancy a challenge, please do have a go at this game and see if you can beat our score.

The game was created by the very talented Russ who has put this out there for free for people to enjoy. His clear passion and skill for creating escape games was inspiring. We really can’t wait to try the next one in his series.

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