Escape the Casino

These brilliant games have been extremely popular and unfortunately have gone out of production. If you’re lucky, you can pick one up if escape companies have them in existing stock.

This is quite a simple game as far as escape boxes go but it follows a great story. Additionally, the board and resources are clearly made with good quality materials.

The game requires you to download an app which plays videos and allows you to input the codes you discover. You can replay the game as many times as you want but can only use the code on one device.

I would recommend this escape box if you want a simple game. It would be suitable for beginners.

Game information:
Players: 2-6
Age: 12+
Length: 30-60 mins
Approximate Price: £15

Our ratings:
Overall: 6/10
Difficulty: 4/10
Puzzle range: 6/10
Logic and flow: 7/10

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